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Family Reunions

Family reunions are a perfect way to spend quality time with each other, whether it is enjoying the refreshing sea air on a cruise or the beautiful sunsets on a Caribbean beach. Gathering together for dinner several nights in a row is a rare occasion in our busy world but while on a family reunion vacation, that is what you may enjoy the most! You can relax knowing you’re in good hands for your next family reunion.

Business Retreats

Bring your meetings to different parts around the world! Experience your destination’s epic beauty and culture. We offer team endless potential experiences. All corporate and group trip itineraries are custom and private.

We can work on creating a unique group travel itinerary. Using a group travel planner like Seventh Day Vacations can reduce the back-and-forth of planning with a large group, and no one in the group is solely responsible for the group’s finances.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” -Izaak Walton

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School Trips

Whether an educator, administrator, or parent volunteer, Seventh Day Vacations is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll handle the heavy lifting for your. We’ll manage payments with individual families, coordinate rooming selections, reservations and transportation. For most Schools and Groups, this is the most complicated and involved field trip of the year. Don’t let it stress you out. We’ll develop custom marketing materials for you to send to all families in your school.

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